We identify your target audiences, select the best channels and create an activity plan.

Ok, so now you have a firm grasp of what messages and stories you would like to share. But who is your target audience and how do we go about reaching them in the most effective way? Are they on LinkedIn? Do they love the feeling they get when the flip through a glossy magazine? Do they drink coffee?

Digital or print?

Based on each theme we will walk through all communication channels; from social channels, web and newsletters to your information screens and paper cups by the water fountain.

This is what you get

Upon the conclusion of the strategy work I will deliver a material that contains a detailed overview of your target audiences, what engages them and how you reach them most effectively. An important part of the strategic work is to set clear goals in order to measure the success. We will set quantitative targets, such as the number of articles published on LinkedIn, and qualitative targets that are linked to your business goals.

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